Brake HorsePower.


One Horse Power is no longer enough.

It used to be a male game to adorn ones car with gadgets, add accessories, lavish expensive care upon them, change things to make them look better go faster and even stop sharper, well sometimes. Now it seems it is no longer a male pastime, the girlie's are getting in on the act, and not just with the fluffy seat covers!!!! there are some very capable lady drivers out there on the motorsport circuit, why not have a have a go at one of the track day adventures you will be able to settle the argument who can go fastest in a safe and supervised environment, and it is serious fun!

If you decide to do some serious modification, you will have to be a little more responsible than the lads from Top Gear!, and if you are not mechanically minded it will be cheaper in the long run to leave it to the experts, but always remember, if you are going to go faster, the first thing you need to do is make the car stop more efficiently


If you are going to make the most of the performance from your car only ever do it on an organised track day or on private property.

When all that's done what better way to enjoy your car than driving to a special event or meeting up with like minded people to show it off, and just have fun!

So check out some of our exclusive offers and make your car sit up and take notice.